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The Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) is Colorado’s standards-based assessment designed to measure the Colorado Academic Standards (CAS). A very small number of students with significant cognitive disabilities may take the Colorado Alternate (CoAlt) assessment based on the Extended Evidence Outcomes of the CAS.

The CMAS and CoAlt assessments are collaboratively developed by the Colorado Department of Education, the Colorado educator community, and Colorado’s assessment contractor, Pearson. Assessment results data should be used to keep abreast of individual student, school, and district progress toward attaining higher student achievement levels.

Content Area* Grades Window
Mathematics 3 - 8 Official Window:
April 12 - May 14, 2021

Early High School Science Window:
March 29 - April 16, 2021 OR April 5 - April 23, 2021

Extended Math and ELA/CSLA Window:
Begin as early as March 22, 2021**
English Language Arts (including CSLA) 3 - 8
Science 5,8, and 11
Social Studies*** 4 and 7

* CoAlt math and ELA assessments are administered through Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM) Kite Educator Portal. To the extent possible, assess students taking the alternate assessment in a content area for which they are participating in a general education class at the same time as their general education peers to avoid missed instruction. Schools may also ensure students taking the alternate assessment do not miss instruction from their general education class(es) through other means.

** Districts needing more time to complete math and ELA testing due to limited device numbers (i.e., the number of computers available will require multiple groups for each test unit) may expand the math and ELA/CSLA test window and begin testing those content areas earlier for both CMAS and CoAlt.  The extended window is ONLY for online math and ELA (including CSLA) and ONLY districts with limited device capacity are eligible to participate in the extended window: 

*** In 2021, social studies assessments will be administered on a sampling basis.


PearsonAccessnext serves as the entry point to the assessment management system used by schools and districts participating in CMAS (all content areas) and CoAlt (science and social studies).

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Technology Setup

Prepare your system for computer-based assessments. Access technical guidelines, user guides, and TestNav.

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Manuals & Training

Manuals are used to assist in planning, administering, and completing the assessments; they contain administration procedures, policies, and scripts.
Training Resources are available and can be used to supplement information found in the Test Coordinator Manual and the Test Administrator Manual.

Practice Resources

Access computer and paper based practice resources, scoring guides, and rubrics.

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Data Resources

Access data file layouts, report interpretation guides, and Spanish report shells.

Educator Involvement

Register for educator committee development meetings.

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Assistance is available via webform, phone, and chat.

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